Occupy Watertown!

Don’t let those in power keep money in their pockets as taxpayer bank accounts become depleted, year after year. The referendum currently being proposed for Watertown will add almost 20% in revenue to the purse of the treasurer all while cutting valuable programs for the children and families living in the area. We can’t just stand by and let that happen! We must make sure that our schools have the best teachers and that our police and fire forces are top notch. It is imperative that we take a stand and fight for what we believe in.

Education Budget Cuts?

I just couldn’t believe it the other day when my son came home with a worksheet for homework that was printed on the back of some marketing materials that must have come to the school via some other source. When I asked my son’s teacher why his homework was printed on the back of someone else’s paper, her response to me was that the district had cut so much money from the budget, that there was no more money for printer paper and teachers are being forced to re-use paper that they get from wherever they can. Our teachers shouldn’t be forced to do this as our taxes go higher and higher.

First Responder Cuts?

Another similar example was when my cat was stuck in our neighbor’s tree. It took over an hour for a team of fire rescuers to respond to the situation. A storm had come in and there was thunder and lightning all around us. By the time my cat was brought down, each responder had put their life at risk in the attempt to get my cat down, because of the dangerous weather. I was surprised to see many of them lacked the necessary equipment and  of course when I asked about it, the response was simply “budget cuts.” How can we continue to have these cuts when our taxes go up each year? We ask that you please take a stand with us and come to the community meetings that we have set up on the town common, each Saturday night during the summer. Together we believe that we can find out what’s happening to our tax dollars, and collaboratively come up with a way to fix the problems plaguing Watertown.

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